Thursday, April 9, 2009

Volunteer Pledge Forms are due April 11th!

As part of our fundraising for John and Summit Park, Unpaving Paradise is applying for the Neighborhood Matching Fund's Large Project Fund. We'd like to include as many volunteer pledge forms as we can with our grant when we submit it to the Department of Neighborhoods. Not only will this show that the community is committed to getting a park and P-Patch at John and Summit, volunteer hours are valued at $15/hr as a match for the NMF Grant.

The volunteer pledge form is below. Please send it to by April 11th!


ATTACHMENT: MATCH PLEDGE FORM FOR: _____________________________________

Project: John and Summit Park/ Unpaving Paradise

The individuals, businesses, or organizations listed below commit to donate volunteer time, materials, or services for the above project.

+ Physical improvement projects require 1:1 match ratio (applicant is responsible for matching the equivalent of $1 for every $1 requested)
+ All other projects require a ½:1 match ratio (applicant is only responsible for matching the equivalent of $.50 for every $1 requested)
+ Volunteer Labor is valued at $15 an hour
+ In-kind Professional Services is valued at up to $75 an hour

Name (Please Print):
Street Address and ZIP Code:
Number of Hours Pledged:
Value ($15/hr):
Kinds of Volunteer Activities:


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