Monday, April 20, 2009

Reminder: The Guitar Hero Showdown is this Saturday!

Rock out for the park-to-be at John and Summit! Get drinks at Happy Hour prices and battle your friends and neighbors for Guitar Hero supremacy for only $10. The festivities will start at 8pm and go until around 11, or whenever the Guitar Hero of Capitol Hill is revealed. This event is hosted by the Capitol Hill Community Council on behalf of the John and Summit Park.

For the serious contenders, we've listed the Showdown rules below:

The competition will begin at 8:00 p.m. You may arrive up to one hour early to sign-in and warm-up, if you wish. Registration & check-in closes 15 minutes before the start of the tournament.

Registration fee is $10.00 per participant; 100% of this goes to the park.

If you are a competitor and are late to your competition round, a forfeit will be called and you will be eliminated from the competition.

The competition will be run according to three ‘brackets’ corresponding to difficulty level – Medium, Hard & Expert; thus, if you are a Medium, you will not compete against someone who is an Expert. You must declare your skill level at sign-in and may not switch after registration has closed at 7:45pm. For each level, selected songs will become progressively more difficult as you move forward.

Songs for each round will be pre-­selected. The initial round will consist of 2 (or 3 as time permits) songs.

The winner will be the player with the highest total score (points), NOT the player with the most correct notes. The winning contestant will move on to compete with another winning contestant in the winner’s bracket whereas the contestant with the lower score will then play against another losing contestant in the loser’s bracket. Contestants will be randomly matched-up and announced before the start of the tournament.

In the event of a tie (total score within 100 points of each other), the contestants will compete again with an additional pre­-selected song.

Final rounds will be best two out of three songs in both the winner’s and loser’s brackets.

** In the event that there are only two contestants for a given skill level, both contestants will be allowed to play in the final round, but will again be judged according to highest total score. The player who won the preceding round will be awarded 25,000 points that will be added to their final score as a bonus for winning the previous round.**

There is no pausing allowed. If a player intentionally pauses the game the Event Moderator has the authority to disqualify that player. Any accidental pausing will be reviewed.

Any mishandling of equipment (throwing of guitar, hitting guitar or game console, breaking buttons or whammy bar of guitar, damage of TV, etc.) will result in elimination from the tournament and paying for damages incurred.

All rulings of the Event Moderator are final. The format may be altered to best accommodate the number of players.

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