Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hurray! Press Coverage!

Jen and Saunatina got interviewed last week for the Capitol Hill Times - the community fundraising effort for the John and Summit Park is one of this week's top stories! Click here for the full article.

WorldChanging Seattle just did a piece on National Park(ing) Day - click here for the full article. We posted a comment about the Unpaving Paradise park on Broadway. Here's hoping lots and lots of people see it :)

And here's Jen and Saunatina in their picture for the paper - thank you to Doug Schwartz for taking such a great picture!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Come see us on National Park(ing) Day - Friday, Sept. 19th

National Park(ing) Day is, according to the Trust for Public Land website:
"an opportunity to celebrate parks in cities and promote the need for more parks by creating temporary public parks in public parking spaces".
Unpaving Paradise is participating in this year's Park(ing) Day and will have a mini-park on Broadway, right in front of the Vivace coffee cart. Come and visit - buy a coffee, enjoy the (temporary!) greenery, and learn more about the fundraising efforts for the John and Summit Park. We'll be there all day!

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