Sunday, September 20, 2009

Paradise Unpaved - UP at Park(ing) Day Central Park

Friday, September 18th was a fabulous day to spend in the park. I could write all about it, but the best way to show you is in pictures:

Here's our lovely garden, and below is our fine and upstanding park activity: picking out new sites for parks on Capitol Hill, courtesy of the Parks Department and acquisitions money from the last Pro-Parks Levy.

image courtesy of gravitysalad

Also, the lovely model of John and Summit Park, courtesy of Mithun, set to become a reality late next year :)

Kicking it with the Zen Cakes - Jacob Sayles of Office Nomads fame chats up the women of

image courtesy of gravitysalad
Web Crowell, Renaissance Man: animator, Capitol Hill Community Council representative, and now founder of Under Pressure Seltzer Works.

Cookies (and moocher) courtesy of Seattle Arts and Lectures.

And look! We made it into the news! If you look closely, you can see Capitol Hill Community Council President Jen Power walking behind Denise Whittaker and she talks about John and Summit Park.

If you'd like to see more, you find more pictures about Park(ing) Day Seattle at People's Parking Lot (of course), the Slog, CHS Blog, and Flickr (thanks gravitysalad!).

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