Monday, June 15, 2009

Garage Sale Saturday - UP at the Capitol Hill Neighborhood Garage Sale

Last Saturday's Capitol Hill Garage Sale was a smashing success for the participants and a big hit with the neighborhood. There were over 70 registered sales and over 30 of them (including UP's) set up shop at the community lot on Pine and Belmont.

The unaccustomed activity on the long-empty lot drew as many people and more as all previous flyering and advertising. Neighborhood excitement and ideas about the present and future activation of the space were recorded by People's Parking Lot, co-sponsor of the Cap Hill Garage Sale and the group responsible for securing the lot for the event. You can see some great People's Parking Lot pictures of the Sale here and see the list of the all the ideas that PPL gathered here.

The UP sale was also a success - we helped some residents get rid of their extra stuff, we had many opportunities for community outreach and we made a grand total of $280.65 (not bad for a day's work!). We also had the most fabulous booth in the entire sale due to a generous loan of equipment from Panache on Broadway. Neon fluffy umbrellas, fake plants, pink flamingoes - it was amazing.

Thank you to everyone who made this event possible - our volunteers (thanks Hong, Josh, Becki, Thomas, and Jen!), our "sale stock" donors, CHS Blog, People's Parking Lot, Panache, Sustainable Capitol Hill, and last but not least, everyone who patronized the Capitol Hill Garage Sale this weekend. You are all amazing!

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