Friday, May 29, 2009

John and Summit has just been awarded $150,000!

Dear UP,

Below is an email from Su-Jn Chon, a project manager at the Department of Neighborhoods. She confirms what we've been hoping for the last few days would come true - John and Summit Park is now almost fully funded due to an allocation from the new Parks Levy P-Patch Development Fund.

We will continue to fundraise and hold outreach events, if not at such a hectic pace as before. There are a few things we could use money for, such as a tool shed, compost bins, and a continuing maintenance fund. However, we can now rest assured that there will be a magnificent park and P-Patch at John and Summit by next year.

It was because of the backing of the whole community that the City decided to fund this project. Thank you all so much for your past and continued support.

~ The Unpaving Paradise Steering Committee


Dear Unpaving Paradise,

Congratulations! The Parks Levy Oversight Committee reviewed the P-Patch list of projects slated for the first quarter of the new Parks Levy funding. The committee approved the $150,000 we allocated to the John & Summit P-Patch Development. We are excited to partner with the Parks and Recreation Department to get this wonderful project off the ground quickly and growing fresh parsnips!

Thank you for your stewardship to your neighborhood and the community-at-large.

SuJ'n Chon
City of Seattle - Department of Neighborhoods
Program Manager, P-Patch & Neighborhood Matching Fund programs

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Melinda said...

Rock ON. Such great news!!!! Thank you for pursuing this and making it happen!

I live right around the corner. Please let me know what I can do to help. I also help run the gardening committee at Sustainable Capitol Hill, where there are several more willing and able bodies who can help.

Again, totally exciting. Yeehaw.