Thursday, March 12, 2009

Open House Update

Thank you to everyone who joined us last night at the open house. We had a great time talking about the park-to-be and enjoying Vermillion's cozy cafe space (thanks Diana!).

A big part of the meeting was discussing how community members can get involved in the park-building efforts. The details about our volunteer opportunities are listed below.

We're looking for volunteers for four different functions:

  • Assist with the grantwriting process
  • Search for funding sources (governmental, private foundations, private donors) & following up on them
  • Organizing the "brick sale" fundraiser

  • Postering
  • Getting the word out online (email/Facebook/website)
  • Talking to & networking with interested groups/businesses in the neighborhood
  • Take charge of our ads in The Stranger

Volunteer Recruitment
  • Bring in more volunteers and figure out who could be where & when

Event Planning
  • Organize monthly UP events (like our Guitar Hero contest in April)
  • Putting together outreach materials (posters, notices)
  • Coordinate with other volunteer groups to increase attendance/participation at events
Please drop us a line at unpaving.paradise(at) you'd like to help out with any of these functions. Also, please let us know if you have ideas about ways you could help that are not listed above. We welcome any suggestions and encourage you to speak with your friends and neighbors about UP.

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