Friday, February 6, 2009

2Thurs ArtWalk and The Copper Vine's Birthday

The Copper Vine (1350 E Pine St.) is supporting UP once again by donating $1 of every purchase made during the Capitol Hill Art Walk to the park-to-be at John and Summit. The next Cap Hill Art Walk will be Thursday, February 12th.

Also, since The Copper Vine is celebrating its 2nd birthday on March 1st, it's giving a present to the park!

Happy Birthday To Us!
The Copper Vine turns 2 on March 1st. When we opened our doors, we had a beautiful lemon tree with large, yellow lemons. That tree was eventually purchased by a customer but we kept one of the lemons. Its seeds produced these little plants.

To celebrate our birthday, we will be giving away these plants to customers who make a donation to Unpaving Paradise. For more information, see the donation jar by our deck chair!

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